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Belinda Reynolds

Belinda is a dietitian and Senior Educator at one of Australia's leading nutraceutical companies. She graduated with an Honours Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and has been involved in the complementary medicine industry for over 15 years. Her key interests are immune modulation, the human microbiome and the impact they have on overall health.

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Thyroid disorders
Jun 19, 2017

Autoimmune conditions are complex disease states, and autoimmune thyroid diseases represent the most prevalent form of autoimmune disease throughout the population. Belinda Reynolds delves deeper into the key immune alterations of these illnesses, and explains the role of specific nutrients in beneficially modifying innate and adaptive immune responses.

Urinary tract infections, cystitis, bladder infections
May 29, 2017

From 25-50% of women have at least one episode of UTIs in their lives, and of these, 27% have a relapse during the six months following the first infection, while approximately 3% have two relapses during the same period.

Jan 16, 2017

Are D-Lactate producing probiotic strains a risk for chronic fatigue sufferers? Belinda Reynolds takes a look at the evidence...

Prebiotics Infant Health
Nov 28, 2016

The addition of prebiotics to infant formula has been reported to facilitate the development of a more desirable microbiota in the formula fed infant, conferring subsequent health benefits.

Sep 09, 2016

Autoimmune illnesses include 80 or more complex diseases characterised by self-reactive, pathogenic immune responses.

Jun 30, 2016

"The success of antidepressant drug therapy is not high, with studies suggesting 19-60% of patients are unresponsive to the treatment". Optimal methylation seems to be one very important piece of the mood puzzle.

Feb 01, 2016

Historically, the adrenal glands have worked to keep us alive during times of stress  such as attacks by wild animals and long winters accompanied by limited food availability. Modern-day stressors are often very different, but are incredibly persistent. 

Dec 01, 2015

Do we need to avoid D-lactate producing probiotic strains in patients presenting with CFS and cognitive/mood changes?