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Microbiota Shapes Responses to Cancer Immunotherapy

Researchers are finding that different gut microbes can even influence the way medicines work in our bodies. The problem is that it’s both good and bad news. But what all of the research points to is that we’d better look after our microbes.

Nov 24, 17
Legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

Recent studies have observed differences in the local breast microbiome of subjects with malignant breast cancer compared to those with benign tumours or who were disease-free.

Nov 20, 17
Reducing Excess Copper with Molybdenum

As excess copper intake and copper levels become increasingly common, molybdenum offers an effective resolution. 

Nov 13, 17
Low Testosterone and Prostate Cancer

Researchers have identified a significant link between low levels of free testosterone in patients and an increased risk of prostate cancer developing into a more aggressive form of the disease.

Nov 10, 17

Beta-glucans are one of the most abundant forms of polysaccharides found inside cell walls of bacteria and fungi, exhibiting benefits from immune cell activation to anti-cancer effects.

Nov 06, 17

Low hair magnesium status and high serum homocysteine levels are often seen in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Researchers recently confirmed these findings and hypothesise that magnesium may play a critical role in homocysteine metabolism and methylation.

Oct 27, 17

Looking at the complex interplay of exogenous and endogenous toxicity and the gut microbiota.

Oct 23, 17

Silymarin and silibinin, caffeine, bioflavonoids, curcumin, resveratrol and other natural polyphenols have been found beneficial for NAFLD in studies and preclinical trials.

Oct 20, 17