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gut microbiome and diabetes

People who suffer from gut dysbiosis are more at risk of developing metabolic dysfunction, according to data reviewed by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Apr 14, 16

Avoidance of wheat or becoming "gluten free" within the diet is becoming increasingly common - but what is the evidence saying about prevelance and reality of this issue beyond the hype and trendiness? Naturopath Norelle Hentschel takes a look...

Apr 08, 16

An objective, and evidentiary look at the pro's and con's of three of the most well known diet dictums; Paleo, Low-Carb-High-Fat and The Mediteranean Diet.

Mar 25, 16

Dr David Perlmutter shares his comprehensive list of pre and probiotic foods for optimal health of the microbiome.

Mar 22, 16

Prof. Cordain wrote the best-selling book, The Paleo Diet. We talk to him about the premise behind the Paleo Diet, his take on dairy, and what he eats on a typical day.

Mar 17, 16

The word “detox” has taken on a much broader and more dynamic meaning over the past two decades. It now encompasses the removal of both the everyday physical and emotional toxins of life. 

Mar 10, 16

With emerging evidence that vitamin D may mediate immunomodulatory effects in patients with IBD, this study aimed to assess a specific supplementation regimen of vitamin D to increase serum 25(OH)D to 100-125nmol/L, and to evaluate change in disease activity.

Mar 08, 16

People who suffer from anxiety are four times more likely to develop ulcers compared to those who don’t, according to results from a ten year prospective study.

Mar 01, 16