Crafting your Business with Naturopath, Tammy Guest

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Success is indeed a journey not a destination. 

Throughout her career, Naturopath Tammy Guest has undoubtedly excelled in clinical practice and she is now quickly carving a name for herself amongst her peers as an inspiring mentor who aims to help other practitioners achieve their dream career. 

In today's podcast Tammy and Andrew have an informal chat in her home-based office about how to craft your own career.

Tammy is a shining example that a career in naturopathy doesn’t have to be just one thing. 

Covered in this episode:

[00:38] Welcoming back Tammy Guest
[01:07] Participating in local media
[01:59] Winning awards
[02:54] Being authentic in business
[04:15] Surround yourself with the talent you need
[06:52] Learning from other burnt-out entrepreneurs
[08:11] Connecting with food
[12:07] The social influencers on eating and digesting 
[15:32] Tammy's bookshelf  - inspiration for business
[18:35] Adapting to digital consultations
[21:32] Work from a space you love
[22:32] Juggling the clinical workload
[23:25] Hurdles facing practitioners
[25:39] Enticing client honesty
[28:58] Navigating pathology testing
[37:04] Keeping clients on track with dietary interventions
[40:00] Setting long term therapy goals
[43:30] Working towards what matters most
[45:43] Final summary and thanks to Tammy


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