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Establishing a Practice with Naturopath, Amie Skilton

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So you're a freshly minted graduate, about to embark on your career as a health professional… what now? 

Amie Skilton is an expert in getting results, and in today's podcast we explore how you can maximise your success in clinical life. 

From how to get your first client to creating your business network and navigating those early days in practice. Amie takes us through how to build a successful clinic, and a brilliant, fulfilling career.


Covered in this Episode:

[00:22] Welcoming Amie
[00:59] Today's topic: How do we get our first client?
[01:48] Starting your network
[02:20] Working in related areas of industry
[03:27] Traditional methods of advertising
[03:46] The benefits of giving talks
[04:32] Joining online communities relating to your field/area of interest
[04:52] Writing articles and guest blogging
[05:01] Gaining confidence in self-promotion
[05:25] Mentorship programs & Volunteering
[09:52] Don’t panic if being in private practice isn't your thing
[10:39] Costs to consider when setting up a clinic
[12:39] Marketing first, then open doors
[13:39] Setting up a dispensary
[15:57] Fostering professional relationships through referrals
[21:12] Navigating your early days in practice
[31:41] Growing your business
[34:40] Communication and Engagement
[35:29] What to charge?
[43:22] How to handle undesired outcomes
[49:49] Dialoguing with doctors
[55:10] Final summary and wrap up


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Amie Skilton
Amie is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist. She has been in clinical practice for more than 13 years and specialises in several areas including women’s health and weight loss. She is passionate about eating well and living well, and believes achieving your ideal weight should be a fun, enjoyable and sustainable process. You can find out more about Amie via her blog at www.whatthenaturopathsaid.com