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Kava for Generalised Anxiety

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A six-week, double-blind, randomised controlled trial involving chronic administration of kava (120mg kavalactones/day, titrated in non-response to 240mg kavalactones/day) or placebo for participants with generalised anxiety disorder.

Results showed no significant differences across groups for liver function tests, nor were there any significant adverse reactions that could be attributed to kava.

No differences in withdrawal or addiction were found between groups. Interestingly, kava significantly increased females’ sexual drive compared to placebo, with no negative effects seen in males. Further, it was found that there was a highly significant correlation between improved sexual function and performance, and anxiety reduction in the whole sample.


  1. Sarris J, Stough C, Teschke R,et al. Kava for the treatment of generalised anxiety disorder RCT: analysis of adverse reactions, liver function, addiction, and sexual effects. Phytother Res 2013;27(11):1723-1728. [Abstract]


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