BioCeuticals Practitioner Education Event: Mood and the Gene-Diet-Environment Axis

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Solving the neurochemical puzzle with personalised medicine

The topic of mental health is incredibly broad, with countless potential factors contributing to the development of mood disorders. These can include neurotransmitter imbalances related or unrelated to nutritional insufficiencies, chronic stress, neuro-inflammation, pyroluria, toxicity, lifestyle, diet, gut and genetic variations. Due to the complexity of these disorders, prioritising treatment strategies for the patient best outcome can be challenging.

This seminar aims to delve deep into the known contributors to neurotransmitter imbalances, with a focus on appreciating the role DNA tests and pathology can play in clarifying treatment targets.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise inflammation as a contributor to mood disorders and cognitive decline via changes to neurotransmitter availability and an expression of neurotrophic factors.
  • Understand the concept of pyroluria, the associated nutritional deficiencies and how they contribute to mood changes and additional health concerns.
  • Discover the role of Specific nutrients in neurotransmitter synthesis and metabolism.
  • Explore how certain gene variants, often referred to as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) influence depression, anxiety and cognition, as well as neurotransmitter production, including dopamine, serotonin, histamine and GABA.
  • Learn how to assess and address genetic vulnerabilities, neurochemical factors, and metabolic abnormalities that may contribute to changes in mood and cognition.
  • Examine how the gene, diet, environment axis influences key biochemical pathways associated with normal brain and neurotransmitter function.
  • Review the role pathology plays in assessing the true impact of gene variants

Dr Denise Furness

Dr Denise Furness is a molecular geneticist, registered nutritionist and registered exercise professional. She conducted her PhD at CSIRO Human Nutrition, before completing a postdoctoral fellowship with the University of Adelaide’s Research Centre for Reproductive Health. Specifically, her research investigated folate nutrigenomics, methylation and DNA damage in relation to pregnancy outcomes. She has published her work in peer reviewed medical journals and regularly presents at national and international conferences. In 2012 Denise shifted from an academic research position to a consulting role at “Your Genes and Nutrition”, helping patients and practitioners understand the role of nutrigenomics and genetic testing in relation to various health outcomes. In particular, Denise is passionate about helping couples achieve optimum health and wellness to improve their chances for natural conception and healthy pregnancy outcomes. In addition, she holds regular educational seminars and workshops discussing the links between our genes and our environment and how these impact on our health throughout all the stages of the life cycle.


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Monday, October 8, 2018 - 11:45 to Monday, October 22, 2018 - 11:45
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