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The Bitter Truth About Sugar with Prof Robert Lustig

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The Bitter Truth About Sugar with Prof Robert Lustig

Sugar is responsible for a global health crisis!

The evidence can no longer be ignored, sugar is to blame for the continual rise in chronic disease. Prof Robert Lustig is a paediatric neuroendocrinologist, researcher, clinician and pioneer of the anti-sugar movement.

Today Prof Lustig takes us through his expansive career and how he became a global leader in teaching both peers and public of the perils of sugar, fructose and carbohydrates; and the roles they play in the pathogenesis of disease.


Covered in this episode:

[01:32] Introducing Prof Robert Lustig
[03:12] Prof Lustig discusses his professional and academic career
[06:00] What made Prof Lustig pursue sugar
[08:54] Drug therapy to reduce insulin
[09:45] Biochemistry drives behaviour
[12:34] Insulin hypersecretion vs insulin resistance
[14:50] Personalised obesity medicine
[15:30] Alpha Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone 
[17:45] Leptin resistance
[19:11] Why weightloss slows over time
[22:46] The low-fat diet doesn’t work
[23:50] The mechanisms of carbs and sugar
[24:33] Why there's a pandemic of NAFLD, even in children
[25:22] The Ansell Keys' fat legacy
[30:11] Not all sugar is created equal?
[31:06] The power of fibre
[35:08] Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load
[38:00] Impact of fructose for Type 1 Diabetes
[41:37] Fructose: pathology and testing to consider
[43:56] Prof Lustig's 2-Hit Theory
[47:37] Devils Advocate: Australia doesn’t have HFCS
[48:59] Mitochondrial transcription factors: sertuin 1, 3
[49:50] How practitioners can categorize the obese patient
[52:16] Teaching patients about food
[55:06] Modifiable factors
[57:32] Do we need to say goodbye to sugar?
[59:42] Final question: what resources can we direct people to?
[1:04:38] See Prof Lustig at the 5th BioCeuticals Research Symposium

Research Explored in this podcast

Lim J, Mietus-Snyder M, Valente A, et al. The role of fructose in the pathogenesis of NAFLD and the metabolic syndrome. Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2010 May; 7(5):251-264 

Additional Resources

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Sugar Science: The unsweetened truth
Book: Fat Chance, by Prof Robert Lustig
Book: Fat Chance Cookbook, by Prof Robert Lustig
Institute for Responsible Nutrition
Sperling: Paediatric Endocrinology, 3rd Ed. 
Documentary: Fed Up
Documentary: Sugar Coated
Documentary: That Sugar Film


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