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The Clinical Applications of Whey

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The Clinical Applications of Whey

Dr Robert Buist is a respected authority on whey, having extensively researched, formulated and used whey both commercially and clinically. He is a firm advocate of using whey to improve patient health.

In this podcast, "Doctor Bob" will take us through the biochemistry of whey and how it exerts positive benefits at a cellular level. Learn from Dr Bob's decades of expertise on how the various constituents of whey can help manage conditions such as blood pressure, kidney disease and triglycerides, as well as helping to reduce hunger, lose weight and maintain muscle mass.


After eight years in Asthma and Cardiovascular drug research at Macquarie University and later as a Postdoctoral Resarch Fellow at New York State Health Department, Dr Robert Buist switched his research focus to the newly emerging field of Nutritional Biochemistry and Complementary Medicine and is acknowledged as one of the founders of Nutritional Medicine in Australia. With an honours degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology as well as degrees in chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, Dr Buist has a wealth of knowledge.



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