Dissecting Chronic Fatigue: Part 2

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Dissecting Chronic Fatigue with Dr Mark Donohoe: Part 2

We welcome back Dr Mark Donohoe to continue his discussion on chronic fatigue syndrome. In part 1 of the series, Dr Donohoe posed the question of whether chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease or person's adaptation to stress. In this episode, he continues to explore this question and draws on his own clinical experience to share with listeners how to get patients "readapted to their world”.

Covered in this episode:

[00:42] Recap from Part 1
[01:09] What will be covered today?
[01:56] First, one niggling question..
[03:51] The notion that CFS patients have a "weak" immune system.
[04:40] Teaching "pace": slowing down the CFS patient
[11:48] The person rarely looks as sick as they are.
[13:28] CFS is often handed-off to psychiatry
[19:28] The relevance of cognitive behavioural therapy/ mindfulness?
[21:30] Getting back to what does the practitioner do?
[24:20] A word on genetic SNPs 
[26:20] Challenging the "gluten" status-quo
[32:22] Antigenic ambivalence
[36:34] Future of integrative medicine: knowing predispositions
[38:50] The gut: the source of so many answers
[44:00] The Vagus Nerve & Neural Inflammation 
[47:32] Magnesium: the rescue mineral
[50:35] The actions of Ginseng(s)
[52:45] "When I finish with medicine, I'm becoming a herbalist"
[53:50] CFS: "A boat with many anchors"
[1:00:15] Summary & Conclusion

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