Genetic Testing: Promises and Pitfalls

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Genetic Testing: Promises and Pitfalls

Genetic testing is a rapidly emerging area weaving its way into integrative medicine practice. Dr Denise Furness is a geneticist, as well as a qualified nutritionist and thus has the perfect blend of expertise to help practitioners navigate these new waters in a practical and safe way. Today, Dr Furness takes us through "Genetics 101", covering terminology, clinical relevance and shares some case studies of how she applies genetics in her clinical practice. This podcast will be the first in a series helping to demystify this area of medicine.

Covered in this Episode:

[02:06] Introducing Dr Denise Furness
[03:34] Denise's background and expertise in genetics and nutrition
[07:54] Differentiating Genetic Testing, Genomic Testing and Nutrigenomic Testing
[10:49] What are SNPs?
[13:00] Pharmacogenomics vs. Nutrigenomics
[16:44] What does it mean if you have a polymorphism of a particular SNP?
[19:50] Using MTHFR as an example
[23:02] The "Predicting Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes" (PAPO) Study
[24:54] Ethnicity, diet and lifestyle influences on study outcomes
[30:01] Ethics: What do practitioners need to know?
[40:22] What is the true value in obtaining genetic testing?
[47:16] Conclusion & future podcasts


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