Naturopaths Without Borders with Dr Sean Hesler

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Naturopaths without Borders with Dr Sean Helser

Naturopaths without Borders (NWB) is an organisation dedicated to empowering low-resource communities through education, sustainable resources and Naturopathic healthcare.

Today we are joined by Dr Sean Hesler, who has dedicated much of his career to initiatives of global and community health care, having founded the MamaBaby Birth Centre in Haiti and in his roles as executive director of NWB and the director of community health at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM). His insights into working with underserved communities to establish better nutrition through local, cultural-centric dietary and lifestyle modifications illustrate how food truly is, medicine.

Covered in this episode

[00:46] Introducing Dr Sean Hesler
[02:06] Naturopathy across the U.S
[04:18] Minor surgical procedures
[05:20] The view of naturopathy by orthodox medicine
[09:07] Naturopathic Schools in the U.S
[10:15] Naturopaths without Borders (NWOB)
[14:33] Bridging cultural barriers
[17:58] Devil's Advocate Question: Is Naturopathic care being effective?
[21:40] Mamma-baby Program - Addressing Nutritional Status
[25:22] NWOB sites  & focus
[26:58] Funding for NWOB
[28:22] How can Australian practitioners get involved?
[31:40] What are the challenges in healthcare delivery
[34:26] What are the top 5 supplements NWOB need regularly
[37:09] What are the top 5 foods NWOB need regularly
[44:14] Wrap up and invitation for Dr Sean to join us again!

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