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Overcoming PCOS for Pregnancy

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Overcoming PCOS for Pregnancy

Decades ago, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) was a rarely discussed condition. Now we know that 15-18% of women of reproductive age suffer from this condition, which carries its own infertility issues, plus increased risks to both mother and child, even upon successful pregnancy.

In this podcast, Stacey (The BabyMaker) Roberts, takes us through the dysfunctional effects of excess and androgenised hormones upon fertility, and discusses the various options by  which women with PCOS may emerge victorious using evidence-based natural therapies either alone or indeed in concert with drug therapy to maximise pharmaceutical management of fertility issues surrounding PCOS.

Stacey is a former physiotherapist turned herbalist and naturopath who has been involved in healthcare since 1989, in both conventional and complimentary medicine. As an internationally recognised fertility and women’s health expert she has assisted people in over 32 countries with improving their overall health and wellbeing by addressing their physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing. Stacey is an international speaker and author who has written over seven books including the best seller 'The Fertility Bible'. She has been featured on television in World News, A Current Affair, Oprah, Discovery Channel and Sunrise in Sydney amongst many others. 


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