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Paediatric Gut Health with Alessandra Edwards

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Paediatric Gut Health with Alessandra Edwards

Tummy troubles are commonplace amongst kids. Furthermore, paediatric clients often require a whole new set of skills for the practitioner. 

Today we welcome back Alessandra Edwards to share her vast clinical experience in treating little ones with digestive disorders.

Alessandra covers off important areas of naturopathic care in paediatric cases, from safety considerations and assessment techniques to navigating the palatability of treatments and working effectively with their doctors and parents.

You will be able to take away many pearls from Alessandra's safe, common-sense and systematic approaches to getting to the bottom of illness in children. 

Covered in this episode

[00:36] Welcoming back Alessandra Edwards
[01:40] Today's Topic: Treating gut disorders in kids
[02:16] How to approach consultations with kids
[07:12] Red flags in paediatric care
[10:24] History-taking and examinations
[11:18] Proton pump inhibitor use in infants
[14:11] Top 5 things presenting in children
[14:51] Food intolerance and restrictive diets
[19:00] Encopresis in children
[21:59] Reviewing and refining treatment
[26:04] Cultivating a mindset of self-care
[27:06] Assessing sources of infection/reinfection
[30:54] Treatment programs and maintaining motivation
[32:08] Pre-screening clients before taking them on
[34:20] What happens when you are confounded?
[38:15] Treatments to avoid vs. favourite therapies
[47:14] Mentoring, research and reading
[48:20] Last question: Alessandra's 5 favourite foods
[50:55] Final summary and invitation for Alessandra to return

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