Personalising Patient Nutrition with Victus Health

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Personalising Patient Nutrition with Victus Health

Innovation is often borne out of necessity and Victus Health is no exception. Pauline O'Sullivan’s personal experience implementing elimination diets to identify and manage her daughter’s multiple food intolerances, gave her the idea for the Victus Health software.

Teaming up with Michelle Ridgeway and capitalising on her IT expertise, Victus Health was born. Victus Health is a practical platform which aids practitioners to implement personalised nutrition plans. It bridges the gap between a practitioner identifying what you cant eat, and a patient implementing these dietary changes with a recipe system that can filter out key dietary concerns.

Victus Health is an Innovative Australian Company founded by Sunshine Coast women, Michelle Ridgway & Pauline O’Sullivan.

Michelle and Pauline’s love of good food and nutrition, and their personal experiences maintaining children on elimination diets, gave them a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by those whose health conditions require them to follow special diets. This insight fuelled their determination to build a scientifically classified nutrition platform that would make it easier for health practitioners to design personalized nutrition programs; and for patients to adopt and adhere to them.

The resulting Victus Nutrition Platform collates years of scientific research into one user-friendly application that enables complex nutritional health care programs to be:

▪ Personalized for the individual by health professionals
▪ Easily accessed by clients
▪ Readily sharable among the client’s support network

The Platform was successfully launched in Australia in November 2013, and is now being used in 10 countries.

Victus Nutrition Platform from Victus Health on Vimeo.



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