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Severe Crohn's Disease: A Patient's Perspective

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Severe Crohn's Disease: A Patient's Perspective

Megan Bowness is full of life and she has good reason to be. She almost lost her life to Crohn's disease when a vital operation left her with a constantly draining fistula.

In today's podcast, Megan takes us through her courageous journey and the role that complementary and integrative medicine has had in the successful management of her disease. Megan also talks about the joy she has gotten from giving back through her charity dedicated to helping seriously sick kids to get their very own personalised pair of "Dream Kicks"

Megan Bowness began her foray into natural medicine at 19 years of age. She was drawn to study naturopathy because of a serious medical condition which she struggled to maintain.  Now as a third year student, Megan has gained valuable insight into integrative management of chronic medical conditions.

As a way of giving back,  Megan has also the co-founded a charity named “Dream Kicks”, which customises fun shoes for very sick children who are fighting debilitating illnesses and diseases.


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