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Success Sessions with Tammy Guest

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The Natupreneur Success Sessions 

Nearest capital city - Sydney I Brisbane I Melbourne I Perth I Adelaide

$49 Half day workshop February 2017

**This workshop is recognised for continuing education points. 

Success Sessions is a half day business event inspiring praccies to innovate and create.

Success Sessions encourages praccies to stand up and stand out an industry where we are told not to, empowering us to collaborate together to build amazing things in one fun-filled, tea-fuelled, 4-hour long Nat/Nut/Herbie/Praccie extravaganza.

At the end of the sessions, practical achievable plans will have been created, online experiences in visibility, new relationship with money, more flow with cash, clients and consultations!

All in all, this event is less of a biz workshop and more of an excuse to drink tea, learn what you didnt in college, create and make connections with other powerful praccies.

For bookings, please visit http://www.tammyguest.com/success_sessions

Tammy is a mentor, naturopath, entrepreneur, speaker, author, mother and a helicopter pilot in training – just to name a few of her passions.

She's a degree-qualified naturopath with a medical science background.

Her focus is taking Nat’s, Nut’s Herbies and Praccies on the journey of business done differently.

Some of you may know her as the founder of the Inspirational Health Clinic, which she ran for more than 8 years before selling in 2016.

She continues to spread her love for cellular optimisation and helping praccies to thrive through online coaching, speaking, workshops, retreats and books.

In 2016 she released her debut book "Freedom from Fatigue", and within the first week it was in the top 10 publications on Amazon in its category. She is currently undertaking her second book and next big adventure.

In 2022, she will circumnavigate the world in a helicopter following the journey that Pip and Dick Smith did 30 years earlier. In this mission she will be partnering with more than 17 organisations with the aim to bring awareness to the 17 UN Global goals for sustainable development.



Newcastle | Sydney | Brisbane | Melbourne | Adelaide | Perth
Event Date: 
Saturday, January 28, 2017 - 07:00 to Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 17:00
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