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Evolution of a nurse

I grew up with a nature-based father and science-based siblings, and most of them went on to careers in the medical arena in one form or another. I was always seeking to “help” or heal” and somehow, intrinsically knew how to wrap a sprained ankle and give a good massage. I more or less fell into Nursing, as I didn’t have the marks to do Physiotherapy.

My opinion of supplements and natural therapies was bleak to say the least, having adopted, without question, the opinion taught me by a nursing lecturer. “Vitamins don’t work and cause constipation!” he exclaimed. So, I echoed this stance until peers started to say different things, which seemed to be common sense and safe (“As long as your Peak Flow is going up, continue with what you’re doing.”)

But, it wasn’t until I joined a nutraceutical company, completely skeptical, but needing employment, that my beliefs were challenged drastically. I got sick, and the large doses that were given to me completely healed my malady in a matter of hours. I became a believer, but with no clinical experience.

That changed when I used my knowledge to hone my skills over a 9 year stretch in pharmacy. I could now apply my knowledge to actually help people…the greatest buzz. More than this, I somehow always managed to recognise those remedies that worked and those that were hype.

In my time I have met all of the best and most of the worst practitioners, which has given me tremendous insight into what works and what doesn’t. Now, as an educator and podcast interviewer, I can begin to help integrative medicine gain greater acceptance by the medical orthodoxy.

By advocating safe, effective practice and highlighting those therapies that truly benefit people, I could not ask for a more rewarding role.