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How Sugar Influences Female Fertility with Georgia Marrion

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How Sugar Influences Female Fertility with Georgia Marrion

It's well established that sugar impacts metabolic health, but have you considered the impact to fertility?

Naturopath Georgia Marrion delights in untangling complex biochemical pathways and creating education for both her peers and patients, that helps digest complicated clinical and research data into usable chunks of wisdom. 

In today's episode, Georgia joins us to share her insights into how sugar might be an overlooked sniper in women's health, impacting hormonal and metabolic pathways leading to problems such as infertility, PMS and PCOS. Georgia takes us through how sugar can impact and crossover into multiple body systems and why it needs to be a discussion point for patients on a fertility journey. Georgia also shares how she tackles this in her practice from dietary guidance to key supplements and herbs she uses to support patients. 

Covered in this episode

[00:20] Welcoming Georgia Marrion
[00:39] Does sugar influence female reproductive health?
[01:48] The interconnectedness of sugar and reproductive health
[07:16] The thyroid and reproductive health
[09:16] Stress and stressors and women's wellbeing
[12:42] PCOS, perimenopause, sugar and insulin
[17:10] Which sugars is research showing to be an issue?
[22:13] Patient assessment tools
[36:22] The influence of the gut and microbiome 
[39:37] Patient assessment in the age of COVID-19 and virtual practice
[43:47] Steps to guide patient to mindful sugar consumption
[46:15] Partner inclusion in the path to wellness
[48:06] Expectations for clinical outcomes
[49:54] Hero supplemental and herbal interventions
[54:57] Insulin resistance: caveats and referrals 
[56:38] Thanks to Georgia and final remarks

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Georgia Marrion

Georgia is a naturopath and nutritionist with 15 years’ experience who specialises in women’s health, particularly hormone imbalance and fertility and conception issues as well as and pregnancy and post-partum support. Georgia runs her own naturopathic and nutritional fertility and women’s health clinical practice and is an experienced health and nutrition writer.