FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Reducing Cardiovascular Risk with Dr Mark Donohoe

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 11% of deaths in Australia.

May 04, 15

Insight into the BioCeuticals Internship Program

In November 2014 BioCeuticals embarked on its inaugural internship program.

Four students were selected to participate in an eight week program with the purpose of learning the process of product development from a company wide perspective. They spent time with each department and were each required to create a product concept, complete with a marketing and education plan.

May 01, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Fertility and Pregnancy Health with Stacey Roberts

In this podcast Andrew interviews Stacey Roberts on her approach to fertility, pregnancy and pre-eclampsia. This is vital listening for anyone wanting to lean more about optimising health for pregnancy and preventing potentially serious conditions.

Apr 21, 15

Depression and Anxiety: Treating the Causes

Depression and anxiety disorders are exploding in prevalence. It is believed that at least 3 million Australians, at any given time, suffer from these conditions. And, while we do have standard medication for many psychiatric and psychological conditions, research shows that anywhere between 60-90% of people prescribed antidepressants fail to get a benefit that is superior to placebo.

Apr 15, 15

Vox Pop from the 2015 BioCeuticals Research Symposium

FX Medicine host Andrew Whitfield-Cook attended the 2015 BioCeuticals Research Symposium and had the opportunity to interview the delegates on their experiences with this educational event. Hear first-hand from attendees their highlights, clinical pearls and light bulb moments.

Apr 15, 15