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A 2014 study on the common drug intervention for thrombophilia (blood clotting in pregnancy) found it to be no more effective than placebo. So, what are the natural options that could be applied?

Oct 20, 16

Higher percentages of body fat tend to yield a lowered Vitamin D status. However, evidence shows, Vitamin D is important in regulating metabolic markers associated with obesity and PCOS. 

Oct 14, 16
pregnancy, homocysteine, blood pressure

One potential mechanism proposed for the pathogenesis of preeclampsia is elevated homocysteine levels adversely affecting placental functionality, with various data finding a three- to eightfold increase in risk of disease onset associated with hyperhomocysteinaemia.

Oct 07, 16

Explore the research examining the use of probiotic therapy as a safe and effective alternative to antibiotics in lactational mastitis.

Sep 30, 16

Exploring the results of evidence using zinc in bronchiectasis, HIV and recurrent spontaneous abortion assoicated with anti-paternal cytotoxic antibodies.

Sep 23, 16

Evidence shows that the incidence of non-coeliac gluten sensitivity continues to rise with widespread reporting that removing it from the diet improves a multitude of conditions.

Sep 16, 16

With a growing body of evidence, krill oil has emerged as an effective therapeutic agent capable of increasing EPA and DHA levels comparable to, or even higher than, fish oil.

Aug 29, 16
Fish oil, heart disease, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular

This meta-analysis is one of the first to use blood biomarkers instead of self-reported consumption to determine benefit to coronary heart disease risk. 

Aug 22, 16