Research in practice

People who suffer from anxiety are four times more likely to develop ulcers compared to those who don’t, according to results from a ten year prospective study.

Mar 01, 16

Research shows we emit a microbial cloud into our surroundings that is as unique as a fingerprint.

Feb 26, 16

Reviewing the safety of chromium following recent headlines claiming it may cause cancer 

Feb 18, 16

Medicinal fungi Cordyceps sinensis shows measurable results for stress markers in this recent study. 

Feb 15, 16

Dysbiotic gut bacteria have an impact on paracetamol and other drugs' safety lending credence to the clinical relevance of conducting Liver Detoxification Profiles in patients.

Jan 22, 16

Docohexaenoic acid (DHA) is important for development of the central nervous system in mammals. There is a growth spurt in the human brain during the last trimester of pregnancy and the first postnatal months, with a large increase in the cerebral content of DHA.

Dec 31, 15

Bacteria communicate electrically, just like brain neurons with long-range signalling capacity, according to a recent study.

Dec 25, 15

For the first time, researchers have shown in an experimental model that commensal bacteria may affect hunger and satiety through their influence on gut-brain signals and activation of appetite-regulated brain neurons.

Dec 22, 15