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Calendula officinalis (calendula) contains various polyphenolic antioxidants that have been researched and reviewed in clinical settings. Studies have found inconclusive data that discusses the ability of calendula in the treatment or prevention of radiotherapy-induced skin reactions.

Apr 18, 18
Curcumin benefits a range of skin conditions

How many skin conditions does curcumin show benefit for? A 2016 systematic review yields some interesting results for clinicians.

Apr 06, 18
Herbal Management for Stress Fx Medicine

In herbal medicine, Withania somnifera has a long history of use for stress as an adaptogen. Recently researchers took a look on how this might impact body composition in chronically stressed individuals. 

Mar 30, 18
Endurance exercise influences mitochondrial and microbiome crosstalk

GIT microbiota and mitochondrial crosstalk appears to occur primarily via complex endocrine, humoural and immune pathway signalling.

Mar 23, 18

Is rice protein as effective for muscle gain, body composition and power and strength as whey?

Mar 16, 18

Until recently, most studies conducted on the benefits of exercise have focused on benefits of endurance and aerobic exercise, lacking data on strength-based exercise. 

Mar 09, 18

The Mediterranean diet emphasises eating primarily a plant-based diet, with high consumption of fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals, olive oil (as the primary source of fat), moderate consumption of fish, low to moderate intake of dairy and wine, and a low intake of red meat and poultry.

Feb 16, 18
Can probiotics improve memory

Evidence continues to grow showing that manipulating the gut microbiome can play a role in brain activity and memory. 

Feb 09, 18