Research in practice

Immunity mechanisms of Vitamin C and Zinc in children

The immune systems of children undergo tremendous change and maturation in the first years of life and are extremely sensitive to both exogenous and endogenous signalling.

Jun 22, 18
The importance of minerals for cognitive development in children

Optimum nutrition is fundamental for the development of a child’s full potential and there are studies that link chronic undernutrition and micronutrient deficiency to cognitive deficits.

Jun 15, 18
Quercetin and Vitamin A: forgotten players in childhood immunity

Flavonoids such as quercetin and essential nutrients including vitamin A are often overlooked when supporting children’s immune health.

Jun 08, 18

Initial research findings indicate that DNA methylation patterns in children can be altered based on the amount of physical contact received from caregivers during infancy, with effects still evident at four and a half years of age.

Jun 01, 18

Natural constituents of plants can have powerful antimicrobial and antibiofilm effects on potentially pathogenic bacteria, while promoting aggregation and biofilm formation of beneficial probiotic bacteria, according to a recent in vitro study. 

May 25, 18
Curcumin: an antiparasitic for Giardia

A look at the first study to evaluate tubulin as a target of curcumin against Giardia trophozoites.

May 18, 18

Fewer herbs are held in higher esteem in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) than astragalus, where it is considered a 'master immune herb'. So how does it exert this effect?

May 11, 18

Research supports that adding a B Vitamin Complex to therapy for vulvo-vaginal candidiasis might benefit treatment outcomes. 

May 04, 18