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Depression and anxiety: Treating the causes with Belinda Reynolds

Apr 15, 15

Depression and anxiety disorders are exploding in prevalence. It is believed that at least 3 million Australians, at any given time, suffer from these conditions. And, while we do have standard medication for many psychiatric and psychological conditions, research shows that anywhere between 60-90% of people prescribed antidepressants fail to get a benefit that is superior to placebo. What these statistics suggest is that we are not addressing the underlying causes.

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Dec 06, 14

Kava (Piper methysticum) is one of the most researched herbal anxiolytics showing the ability to significantly reduce anxiety symptoms in a variety of patients.

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Integrative Pieces of the Anxiety Puzzle with Dr Jerome Sarris

Jul 23, 14

In part 2 of our interview with Dr Jerome Sarris, we explore some truly exciting nutraceutical and herbal therapy developments that may contribute a substantial piece of the anxiety treatment puzzle.

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