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Eating for Immunity

May 11, 16

We are probably in the habit of recommending key dietary interventions for chronic disease - but how in-depth are we getting with our advice for acute immunity - eg. infections, coughs, colds and flus? Dr Mark Donohoe, as always, delivers some interesting and salient points.

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Mar 22, 16

Dr David Perlmutter shares his comprehensive list of pre and probiotic foods for optimal health of the microbiome.

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Mar 17, 16

Prof. Cordain wrote the best-selling book, The Paleo Diet. We talk to him about the premise behind the Paleo Diet, his take on dairy, and what he eats on a typical day.

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Dec 04, 15

It is rare that a single point of treatment or modality is adequate to mitigate risk or resolve illnesses. As such, a multipoint approach is attractive and necessary. 

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Food Sovereignty and Inherited Toxicity

Sep 23, 15

Growing up in rural New South Wales gave Sarah Lantz a grounded appreciation of food. A connection to food origins is something most of society has now lost, but its an area Sarah is passionate about. Her love for nutritious, local, wholesome food combined with her formal qualifications as a Nutritionist, and her concerns about the abundant and unregulated use of chemicals during food production gave her the perfect springboard to research the toxins transmitted between mother and baby. Suffice to say, analysis of cord blood led to some startling revelations! 

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