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Probiotics as Medicine

Dec 09, 15

Probiotics have a plethora of applications. In this podcast we explore some medically diagnosed conditions for which they are clinically appropriate.

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Mythbusting Lactate-Producing Probiotics

Dec 02, 15

Belinda Reynolds explores the pathogenesis of D-Lactate and reveals it may not be the culprit first thought, but rather a victim of circumstance.


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Nov 30, 15

The human detoxification system is a delicate and complex process involving three distinct phases.  However, it is only very recently that we have elucidated the function and significance of Phase III. We now understand that any successful therapeutic management of detoxification requires us to restore, manage and augment this phase, which can then have profound implications for health and resilience.

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Nov 27, 15

Taking a look at research that acutely highlights the shortcomings of taking a reductionist view to the application of single strain or species probiotic therapy as an exclusive approach in clinical practice.

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Nov 26, 15

Even though the liver is considered the primary organ of detoxification, the integrity of the intestinal epithelial barrier must not be underestimated. The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is a major site for dealing with toxic burden. Over the course of a lifetime, the GIT processes more than 25 tonnes of food, which represents the largest load of antigens and toxins confronting the human body.

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Unravelling Detoxification with Dr Mark Donohoe

Nov 25, 15

With the benefit of over two decades of experience to look back on, Dr Mark Donohoe takes us through the changing face of detoxification.

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Part 1: Integrative Therapies for Drug Detoxification

Sep 16, 15

Greg Mapp is one of the founders of Mirikai, the revolutionary drug detoxification facility situated on the Gold Coast. The centre is now government funded and has grown into one of the largest of such centres in Australia. 

In part one of the two part series Greg takes us through the history of the clinic and how medical care of illicit drug detox commonly involves integrative therapies and judicial supplementation to manage symptoms experienced by patients.

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Naturopathic Principles of Gut Repair

Sep 02, 15

As a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist with 13 years experience, Amie takes us through some core Naturopathic Principles that form the vital components of a successful, and wholistic gut repair program.

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