Part 1: Integrative Therapies for Drug Detoxification

Sep 16, 15

Greg Mapp is one of the founders of Mirikai, the revolutionary drug detoxification facility situated on the Gold Coast. The centre is now government funded and has grown into one of the largest of such centres in Australia. 

In part one of the two part series Greg takes us through the history of the clinic and how medical care of illicit drug detox commonly involves integrative therapies and judicial supplementation to manage symptoms experienced by patients.

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Insights into Cancer Support

Aug 15, 15

Lise explores the emotional impact which patients have to endure when faced with a cancer diagnosis and the strategies to maintain optimism, she reveals some of the newer diagnostic criteria and tumour-activity markers, and discusses the place of safe, supportive care in cancer patients to aid in the orthodox treatment, including exercise, stress management, sleep and healthy, vegetable-based diet.

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Meet Roberto de Souza; BIMA Award Winner for Excellence in Chiropractic

Jul 15, 15

In today’s podcast Andrew chats with recent BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Award (BIMA) winner for “Excellence in Chiropractic", Roberto de Souza.

Roberto takes us through his career in Pre-Med in the USA, his subsequent calling to chiropractic care and how he came to specialise in treating children. Being a father of young children himself, Roberto discusses his caring approach and shares practical tips on how he improves patient compliance.

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Jul 14, 15

Are you a health professional? If so, what modality to you practice?

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BONUS: FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Prof Marc Cohen and his journey to Integrative Medicine

Jul 06, 15

Prof Marc Cohen has already had an illustrious career in integrative medicine and shows no sign of stopping! Prof Cohen is one of the co-authors of one of the principal integrative medicine textbooks "Herbs and Natural Therapies: An Evidence-Based Approach”. This book was voted in the top 4 resources for GPs to access unbiased information on natural therapies and is now in its 4th edition.

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST BONUS: Dr Kylie Dodsworth and her Journey to Integrative Medicine **AIMA Conference Special**

Jun 30, 15

Dr Kylie Dodsworth is an integrative general practitioner who specialises in treating chronic, complex and confounding conditions which in the modern medical model, are often ill-defined and poorly treated.

In this podcast, Kylie discusses the purpose and focus of the 2015 Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) Conference - "Taking the Pulse of Integrative Medicine". She also shares with us her path to becoming an integrative GP adopting a mind-body medicine approach.

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Vox Pop from the 2015 BioCeuticals Research Symposium

Apr 15, 15

FX Medicine host Andrew Whitfield-Cook attended the 2015 BioCeuticals Research Symposium and had the opportunity to interview the delegates on their experiences with this educational event. Hear first-hand from attendees their highlights, clinical pearls and light bulb moments.

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