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Seborrhoeic Dermatitis: The Naturopathic Way

Jul 20, 16

Skin conditions can be notoriously challenging to treat and seborrhoeic dermatitis is no exception. Naturopath, Danny Urbinder, shares his approaches to addressing this condition.

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An East-West Approach to Eye Disorders

Jan 06, 16

Naturopath Moira Bradfield shares with us her clinical experience working in a multi-modality clinic specialising in the treatment of complex eye disorders.

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Cannabis Phytomedicine. Part 1 - Responsible Clinical Use

Nov 18, 15

Join Justin Sinclair, in Part 1, of a two-part interview series covering off the responsible use of medicinal cannabis. Justin takes us on an entertaining and informative journey through the history of cannabis in medicine, and the opportunities it presents for the future.

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Sep 17, 15

Do you believe the regulation of integrative medicine practitioners by the government will improve the quality of healthcare delivered by practitioners?

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Naturopathic Principles of Gut Repair

Sep 02, 15

As a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist with 13 years experience, Amie takes us through some core Naturopathic Principles that form the vital components of a successful, and wholistic gut repair program.

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The Antioxidant Myth

Aug 26, 15

In the 1960s Denham Harman hypothesised the free radical theory of ageing, but was himself frustrated by his inability to prove it. Fifty years later the theory still remains unproven.

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The Case for Naturopathic Registration with Dr Amie Steel

Jul 29, 15

Dr Amie Steel is a true leader in the Naturopathic profession and she wants to protect safe and qualified naturopaths from the actions of non-qualified persons which sometimes surface in the media. This podcast is highly contentious because "Naturopath" is not a protected title, allowing anyone to use the it.

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Prelude to the Integrative Oncology Seminar

May 28, 15

In this interview, Dr Alschuler leads us through some of the differences in training and application of Naturopathy in the US versus Australia. She discusses her own journey as a clinician, including her personal experiences with cancer and how they have shaped her practice and approach.

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