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Vitamin D: The evidence for higher doses with Dr Michael Holick

Mar 16, 15

In this FX Medicine podcast Professor Michael Holick is interviewed on the latest evidence in support of higher dosing of vitamin D and the most recently identified health implications for deficiency.


Vitamin D: pregnancy and preconception with Professor Michael Holick

Dec 05, 14

Recent studies have shown that women who supplement with vitamin D during pregnancy have a greatly reduced risk of complications including gestational diabetes, preterm birth and infection. In this interview, Professor Michael Holick reviews this research and provides invaluable recommendations for those considering vitamin D supplementation.

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The vitamin D controversy: An interview with Professor Michael Holick

Apr 18, 14

Professor Michael Holick, the world's leading expert on vitamin D research, responds to some of the more recent negative studies that seem to be so readily picked up by the media.

He then goes on to provide a roundup of some of the exciting, upcoming trials of this vitally important nutrient.