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Rebecca Guild

Naturopath | Content Manager


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What is your role at FX Medicine? My role is to facilitate and curate interesting and clinically relevant content for the readers and listeners of FX Medicine. 

What is your background? I hold qualifications in naturopathy and western herbal medicine and have now had over 15 years in the health industry. I began my career in Pharmacy and Health Food sector whilst studying, then went on to own my own clinic and for the past decade have worked in varying roles for one of Australia's leading nutraceuticals companies. Being part of a large and rapidly growing natural medicine company helped me hone my skills and develop other passions within the industry. Including sales, marketing, advertising, social & digital media and our industry’s regulatory environment. 

What does being at FX Medicine mean to you? Being part of “Team FX Medicine” means that I get to work everyday with some of the brainiest-of-brains in the industry. Both in my direct colleagues, but also the procession of motivated minds we attract for our written, audio and video content. I enjoy being part of the process of curating the content we bring out daily. 

Favourite movie… Does it have to be one? I cant decide between Twister, Tears of the Sun and The Notebook. 

At the moment I am reading… If it’s not research, blogs or a recipe book, then it’s definitely something with a fairy, werewolf, vampire, zombie, wizard or other mythical/ supernatural entity in it. 

Favourite quote… “People, are fed by the FOOD INDUSTRY, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the HEALTH INDUSTRY, which pays no attention to food."  ~Wendell Berry.

When I was young I wanted to be a… Marine Biologist. Then I realised being under water creeps me out. 

A little known fact about me is… I can speak Japanese (or could, you lose it, if you don't use it).

My favourite way to relax is… To either be out on a boat on the water, or escaping into a good book.

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