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Chantelle Van Der Weyden

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Chantelle Van Der Weyden
Chantelle holds qualifications in nutritional medicine and psychology and is currently completing her naturopathic studies. She is a passionate advocate of food as medicine and the healing power of nature. Chantelle's ares of interest include digestive health, mental health, fatigue, emotional wellbeing, hormonal health, pre-conception care, pregnancy care, weight-loss and achieving an overall beautiful healthy glow from the inside out. Chantelle shares her knowledge and connects with others via her blog; www.chantellevdw.com
Oct 31, 2016

In a time where hormone imbalances are plaguing women in epidemic proportions it is important that women recconect with their menstrual cycle as it's a key marker of their state of health.  

May 05, 2016

Recent research indicates that food additive consumption and its consequent influence on intestinal permeability may be to blame for the rise in autoimmune conditions.