Elizma Lambert

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Elizma Lambert

Elizma is both a qualified naturopath and homeopath with close to 15 years’ experience who runs a busy practice and is involved in practitioner education. She always takes a generalist approach in the way she teaches and treats her clients as she believes that there are too many specialists and not enough practitioners who see the big picture. Applying her knowledge on cellular biochemistry and genetics enables Elizma to navigate treatments for many different diseases and disorders. She is becoming well known for her ability to ‘connect-the-dots’ between root cause, symptoms, and genetics, and helping people reach a better understanding of their health conditions. She travels regularly to Europe and the US to learn the latest techniques and connect with well-known and respected practitioners, but her clients are her true teachers.

More about Elizma: MTHFRandbeyond.com.au

Jun 26, 2019

Elizma Lambert is a complex-case detective who enjoys identifying patterns in her patients' signs and symptoms, genetics, environment and functional testing.