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Lynda Sedley

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Lynda Sedley

When Lynda didn't get the support she needed from Western medicine, undertook a bachelor of nutritional and dietetic medicine but when natural therapies still didn't provide the answers she was looking for, Lynda went diving deep into genetics. Jumping ship again over to a biomedical science postgraduate in genetics to not only to find solutions to disease but to set the record straight, why conventional and natural therapies don't see eye to eye and why research hasn't caught up with clinical practice. Lynda got more than what she bargained for. Now Lynda is no stranger to controversy, she is often seen popping her head into practitioner forums with an entirely unique way of treating chronic disease.

Dec 15, 2019

Genomic analyst Lynda Sedley takes us through the latest ideas in genome sequencing and how it will influence the future of natural medicine.