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Michael Ash

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Michael Ash
Michael Ash BSc(Hon) DO ND DipION received his training in osteopathy and naturopathy at the College of Osteopaths in London, UK. He has provided continuous healthcare since 1982. For 25 years, he was the founder and principal clinician at the Eldon Health Clinic; one of the largest integrated medicine clinics in the south west of England where he employed the principles and practises of functional medicine from 1991 until he sold the practice in 2007. Mr Ash remains in private practice, offering specialist care for patients with complex mucosal-immune related conditions that require functional medicine planning to resolve their health needs. He also lectures internationally and is an adjunct faculty member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, a USA-based educational group using education, research and collaboration to train clinicians in the strategic objective of managing and reversing chronic illness. Experienced in managing the needs of thousands of patients, he is able to convert complex mechanisms and immunology into real life experiences and strategies that ensure you will be better equipped to manage the needs of your clients and patients. Mr Ash has written hundreds of articles for mainstream, peer reviewed and technical journals. In addition, he has written chapters for textbooks, presented at many conferences over five continents and taught thousands of clinicians how to mediate and resolve mucosal-immune driven dysfunctions with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of energy systems and the role of ‘hormesis’ and mitochondrial fitness. Mr Ash remains involved in research and development in the food and supplement industries and sits on a number of consultancy panels as well as lending his time to research projects. He contributes to the education of students undertaking MSc training in nutritional medicine and promotes and organises conferences for the Institute for Functional Medicine in the UK and EU.
Dec 04, 2015

It is rare that a single point of treatment or modality is adequate to mitigate risk or resolve illnesses. As such, a multipoint approach is attractive and necessary.