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cognitive decline

Aug 01, 23

Dr. Adrian Lopresti describes various triggers of neuroinflammation, the signs and symptoms to look for during clinical assessment, and anti-inflammatory nutrients and treatments to consider.

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Neuroinflammation: Impacts on Immunity, Behaviour & Brain Function

Feb 21, 23

Dr. Austin Perlmutter explains our brain’s decision-making processes and how chronic, low-grade inflammation may lead to declining mental and cognitive health. 

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The Vestibular System: More Than Just Rocks in Your Head with Dr Damian Kristof & Dr Carlo Rinaudo

Apr 07, 22

We look into the fascinating connection between the brain, vestibular system and the body and our capacity to support the neuroplasticity of the brain in our podcast with our ambassador Dr. Damian Kristoff and renowned chiropractor and researcher Dr. Carlo Rinaudo.

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Supporting Patients Through Cognitive Decline with Christine Pope

Apr 08, 21

Christine Pope discusses treating patients with cognitive decline and what she’s learned from implementing the ReCODE protocol with her own patients.


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Herbal Interventions in Cognitive Decline and Dementia with Dr Genevieve Steiner

Feb 04, 20

Dr Genevieve Steiner and Andrew dive deep into the complexity of dementia, exploring diagnosis, progression, contributing factors in its aetiology, and Genevieve’s exciting research on herbal interventions in the treatment of dementia and cognitive decline. 

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The Inflamed Brain with Dr Brandon Brock

Apr 18, 19

What are the actual mechanisms of inflammatory damage to the brain, and how does the brain initiate healing and cleansing? Dr Brandon Brock joins us to share his expertise.

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Breast Implant Illness with Alysha Habgood

Dec 12, 18

Have you heard of breat implant illness? Are you asking patients about implants? This could be an underlying factor in chronic illness.

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Feb 12, 18

Ageing is naturally associated with decreases in cognitive function and a growing body of evidence suggests that age-related inflammation may contribute to these changes.3 Only one in 1000 older adults exhibit no evidence of cognitive deterioration.

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