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Pomegranate has been used traditionally for infections worldwide, with studies showing the peel extract to have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant effects.
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Faced with the plethora of available dietary dictums, how do we decide which diet is right for which patient? Today we are joined by leading nutritional biochemist, Dr Robert Buist to navigate these...
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The two most common varieties are Ceylon or true cinnamon (C. zeylanicum/verum) and Chinese cinnamon (C. cassia). They have similar properties and health benefits, but C. cassia seems to get a bad...
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Prof Tim Noakes joins us on FX Medicine to discuss the value and the science for why a low carb, high fat diet is crucial for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and how it can apply to competitive...
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Honey has been used since ancient times as an antimicrobial for wound healing, but was largely dismissed by mainstream medicine with the discovery of antibiotics, until the current and growing crisis of...
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Today we welcome back nutrition expert Cyndi O'Meara who takes us through the history of keto diets, the clinical relevance of ketosis and the pros and cons of the modern-day use of it. 
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One nutrient that has been proven safe and effective in supporting immunity and microbiota levels, both pre- and postnatally, is lactoferrin.
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In this podcast, Kate Powe shares her first-hand experience in supporting endometriosis naturopathically alongside standard medical interventions. 

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