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The Mediterranean diet emphasises eating primarily a plant-based diet, with high consumption of fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals, olive oil (as the primary source of fat), moderate consumption of fish,...
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In this podcast Trudy dives into GABA and the gut-brain axis as well as the role of methylation and histamine in mood disorders. She also discusses the clinical issues to be aware of in managing patients...
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Trudy takes us through the core neurotransmitters that influence our mood and behaviour and how to recognise the patient presentation when they're out of balance.
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Ageing is naturally associated with decreases in cognitive function and a growing body of evidence suggests that age-related inflammation may contribute to these changes.3 Only one in 1000 older adults...
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This event welcomes practitioners of all modalities to join Australia's leading integrative naturopaths on a discussion about working collaboratively as a team to treat patients with complex...
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Evidence continues to grow showing that manipulating the gut microbiome can play a role in brain activity and memory. 
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Dr Haase is a passionate expert when it comes to optimising brain health with a mind-body approach, grounded in science. In today's podcast shares his approaches to cultivating wellness in patients by...
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The International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) are excited to present two dynamic speakers covering two different topics for our 2018 Annual Conference. Conference attendees may choose to attend...

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