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The key herbs and nutrients supported by evidence for the PCOS patient. Between 12-21% of women of child-bearing age are affected by polycystic ovaria...
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Today, we're joined by Natalie Bourke to dive into the clinical pros and cons of intermittent fasting..
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Are you using online consultations or electronic record keeping? How confident are you in the securtiy measures you have in place? This podcast opens...
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What are the natural medicines and lifestyle modifications for supporting patients with gout? The cause of gout is hyperuricaemia, defined as elevated...
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Could polyphenols and their influence on microbiota be an effective strategy for the prevention of neurodegeneration? Polyphenols are naturally occurr...
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The 2019 Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium will be held in March on the Gold Coast, QLD. 
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Polypharmacy is a growing issue. What is needed to support paitents are experts that straddle expertise on both pharmaceutical medications and complem...
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A ‘must-do’ educational conference for all doctors, health practitioners, students and members of the public who want to open their minds to the advan...

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