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Maria Allerton (née Shaflender) talks to us in depth about Gilbert’s syndrome, speaking both from vast clinical experience and personal perspecti...
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Naturopath and Nutritionist Kate Holm returns to FX Medicine to discuss the most common skin conditions she sees children present with in he...
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Nutritionist and Dietician Natalie Douglas returns to FX Medicine to discuss the strategies she uses in her own clinical practice to treat thyroid pat...
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Georgia Marrion discusses dives deep into the biochemistry of histamine in the body, and how it affects (and is affected by) our various hor...
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Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, biochemist, author and mushroom expert Martin Powell discusses all things mushrooms
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Naturopath and Nutritionist Kate Holm discusses the differences around case tasking, dosing of supplements and herbal remedies, and pathology testing...
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Are all parasites bad for us? Not necessarily. Dr Mark Donohoe returns to FX Medicine to discuss all things parasites.
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Dr Mike Armour returns to FX Medicine to discuss his research into endometriosis pain relief and update us on the various trials he is runni...

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How do our genetics influence our fertility? Naturopath Amie Skilton discusses what genes and other factors influence fertility
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Dr Lara Briden delves into the role of ovulation, discussing why it’s important to overall health, some of the main obstacles that prevent women from...
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After this chat with Dr Jonathan Bortz, you'll never look at choline the same way again! 
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Molecular biologist Dr Nessa Carey takes us through “junk DNA,” how viruses alter our genetic code, and the future of genetic and epigenetic editing.

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The Natupreneur Experience is THE annual business and personal development event for Nats, Nuts, Herbies & Praccies has finished up for 2020.
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This special event brings together five extraordinary speakers for a day of learning, by offering training to natural medicine practitioners on the re...
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Day Three of the 2019 UIC Medicinal Cannabis Symposium.
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Day Two of the 2019 UIC Medicinal Cannabis Symposium.

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