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Oxytocin also known as the “Love Hormone” or “Cuddle Hormone” is a neurotransmitter that is produced in the hypothalamus and released from the pituita...
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Have you heard of breat implant illness? Are you asking patients about implants? This could be an underlying factor in chronic illness.
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Dr Penny Caldicott discusses the importance of screening and self care in effective preventative medicine.
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Would you like to gain confidence in working with the emerging area of genetic testing in clinical practice?
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In this Part 2 episode we delve more specifically, into how sleep hygiene techniques can be partnered with judicious, carefully selected nutritio...
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What is the healing power of sleep? In this two part series, we explore this essential element to wellbeing with Naturopath, Norelle Hentschel. 
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When an exhausted, anxious and depleted individual presents, we are more likely looking primarily at nervous system symptoms and herbal nervines are o...
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Poor sleep is a common complaint for both children and their parents. Fatigue in children can cause a number of problems in waking life, including dec...

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