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Breast Implant Illness with Alysha Habgood

Have you heard of breat implant illness? Are you asking patients about implants? This could be an underlying factor in chronic illness.

Dec 12, 18

Preventative Medicine: Self Care and Screening with Dr Penny Caldicott

Dr Penny Caldicott discusses the importance of screening and self care in effective preventative medicine.

Dec 05, 18

Sleep Hygiene: Part 2 with Narelle Hentschel

In this Part 2 episode we delve more specifically, into how sleep hygiene techniques can be partnered with judicious, carefully selected nutritional and herbal therapies to quickly resolve sleep issues.  

Nov 28, 18

Sleep Hygiene: Part 1 with Narelle Hentschel

What is the healing power of sleep? In this two part series, we explore this essential element to wellbeing with Naturopath, Norelle Hentschel. 

Nov 23, 18

International Natural Medicine Research with Dr Amie Steel

Imagine collaborative research initiatives that are simultaneously taking place in several international locations, all of which are aimed to not just validate singular natural medicines, but are looking at the bigger picture of validating naturopathy as a system of medicine and a professional that can contribute meaningfully to the health system.

Nov 15, 18