NAC for Ice Addiction with A/Prof. Olivia Dean

Could N-acetyl-cysteine help people recover from ice addiction - new research is exploring exactly that! 

Jun 13, 19

Insights into Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with Francesca Eldridge

Those with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are often the victim of ill-informed stereotypes and lack of compassion for the internal agony they're suffering. Helping patients with OCD can mean peeling back the layers of guilt, shame, self-doubt and paranoiac behaviour that obstruct their ability to function in everyday life.

Jun 05, 19

The Biochemistry of Pyrroles with Dr Bradley McEwen

How well do you understand pyrroles? At a cellular level - what are they, how are they formed and does their presence always herald ill-health?

May 30, 19

Problem Solving the Chronic Disease Crisis with Carla Wrenn

Not only is Carla a passionate clinical detective and problem-solver of complex conditions but she has become a pioneer for rationalising chronic care through teaching a system she has developed called, Vitae Mosaic.

May 22, 19

The Lost Art of Mineral Therapy in Practice with Daniel Jones

We're chatting to Dan Jones about his passion for educating his peers on how mineral therapy has been a core element in his, almost three decades, of practice. 

May 22, 19