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Personalised Medicine: Compounding with Karl Landers

The flexibility, technology and sophistication of modern-day compounding has come a long way from it's humble origins. Compounding is now a specialised area of pharmacy available to health professionals which is ideal for those patients who have specialised needs outside of what's commercially accessible.

Apr 18, 18

The Drivers of Adult Acne with Rebecca Hughes

For some people, acne can be a chronic condition persisting well into adulthood. The impact is more than just physical, having far-reaching impacts into a person's mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

Apr 11, 18

Naturopathic Skincare with Jacqueline Evans

Falling in love with the science and the art of blending natural skincare for friends and family, Jacqueline (Jacqui) Evans has turned her passion into a globally recognised brand of skincare.

Apr 04, 18

One Size Does Not Fit All with Dr Mark Donohoe

There is no "one size fits all" in personalised medicine. In this episodes Andrew and Dr Donohoe explore some of the nuances affecting individual biochemistry. 

Mar 28, 18

Fuelling for CrossFit with Natalie Bourke

Today Natalie shares the virtues of CrossFit, how to adequately fuel to meet the physical demands of CrossFit and how to mitigate risks associated with such high-intensity, and varied exercise.

Mar 21, 18