Emerging Biomarkers for PCOS and Fertility with Leah Hechtman

Is polycystic ovarian syndrome being over-diagnosed? Today we are joined by Leah Hechtman to share some insight into promising new biomarkers for PCOS.

Aug 23, 18

Supporting the Transition into Menopause with Elizabeth Mucci

Women need not suffer with menopause, today Elizabeth Mucci shares some natural medicine strategies to support this phase of life. 

Aug 21, 18

How Genes Impact Hormones with Dr Denise Furness

Hormonal secretion, metabolism and excretion are all swayed by both our nutritional status and the many enzymes systems that may be up, or down-regulated as a result of our unique single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Aug 13, 18

SNPs in Holistic Medicine with Linda Funnel-Milner and Dr Elvira Zilliacus

SNP testing is booming in medicine but we need to be mindful of how these tests are being delivered and interpreted. Today we discuss how to deliver genetic results in the clinical setting to empower rather than burden clients. 

Jul 31, 18

Pioneering Methylation and MTHFR in Australia with Carolyn Ledowsky

Recognising the future clinical implications of methylation dysfunction and the MTHFR gene early on, Carolyn Ledowsky started MTHFR Support Australia and hasn't looked back.

Jul 24, 18