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Dr Johan Van Den Bogaerde

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Dr Johan Van Den Bogaerde

Dr Johan Van Den Bogaerde completed his undergraduate training in South Africa, with postgraduate training in the United Kingdom at Cambridge, St. Marks and Hammersmith Hospitals.

He has held positions as Conjoint Senior lecturer and Conjoint Associate Professor with the University of NSW and still maintains links with his local university of the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Dr Van Den Bogaerde has very broad interests including the study of the microbiome, esophageal pathology, motility disturbances, inflammatory bowel disease and functional bowel disease.


Feb 09, 2020

Dr Johan Van Den Bogaerde, a gastroenterologist and researcher who has a special interest in the microbiome discusses the way we look at ageing and end of life care, the microbiome and blood-brain barrier highway, growing concerns about anti-scientific bias, and what’s wrong with those scientific studies that make us say “wow!”  

Jul 11, 2019

Dr Van Den Bogaerde shares the current scientific opinion on gut microbial diversity and he discusses his excitement about the research exploring faecal microbial transplants