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The 2018 AIMA Conference is being held in Auckland, New Zealand. Focussing on Integrative Medicine & Personalised Health: An Experiential Journey incorporating a conference and retreat. 

11/04/2018 to 15/04/2018

Reserve your ticket now for the BioCeuticals 6th Annual Research Symposium to be held in Melbourne from Friday 27th April to Sunday 29th April 2018.

27/04/2018 to 29/04/2018

In today’s world, it’s impossible to escape the impact of environmental toxins. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, in our homes and our workplaces. While our bodies are normally very efficient at dealing with a considerable toxic load, we do have our limits. When these limits are reached, not only is our ability to detoxify environmental toxins compromised but our capacity to properly process endogenous compounds and metabolites is also affected.

14/05/2018 to 28/05/2018

The Inaugural Methylation Summit last year was a ground breaking success, in 2018 this conference will be delving into the drivers of anxiety and depression.

10/08/2018 to 12/08/2018

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