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Andrew picks the brains of Amie Skilton and Bec Guild on how practitioners can maximise social media in their business

Apr 15, 20

Quality case-taking skills are a critical aspect of naturopathic practice, yet how often is this element of patient care overlooked? 

Apr 14, 20

Andrew hit the road and chatted with Sally Mathrick from her home-based clinic about her passions in growing or sourcing S.L.O.W foods and detoxification.

Apr 01, 20

Tammy joins us to share her vision for why she developed the NatEx Conference for Natupreneurs, and what she has in store to make it bigger and better in 2020. 

Sep 25, 19

This special event brings together five extraordinary speakers for a day of learning, by offering training to natural medicine practitioners on the relevant, up-to-date naturopathic and medical information they need for the treatment of various Functional GI issues.

Sep 23, 19

Naturopath, Amy Mingin has combined her love of yoga and her skills as a naturopath, to create "Naturopathic Yoga". Today she shares what this is with Andrew. 

Jun 19, 19

Naturopath Jules Galloway shares her journey of how a wayward, homeless teenager with a penchant for partying went on to become an entrepreneurial naturopath following her dreams.

May 24, 19