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About FX Medicine

Welcome to FX Medicine

FX Medicine is your online portal for evidence-based complementary medicine.

The team at FX Medicine are committed to bringing you the best available evidence and research in the field of complementary and integrative medicine.

We strongly believe that there is an abundance of research and therapeutic innovation which is often ignored or dismissed.

Our mission is to bring together education, research news and stories to create an online reference for those seeking evidence-based information associated with natural-based therapies.

FX Medicine includes a website and educational resources, including podcasts, infographics and articles aimed at helping enhance your practice of complementary medicine.

A little bit about the FX Medicine and FX Omics Podcasts..

The aim of FX Medicine and FX Omics podcasts is to enhance clinical skills by showcasing safe, evidence-based approaches to health care using complementary and integrative medicine.

The dialogue of our podcasts is aimed primarily at health professionals who understand medical and natural medicine terminology.

Importantly, FX Medicine and FX Omics are both non-branded podcasts. Our brand DNA centres around educating practitioners on the evidence for the therapeutic action of individual therapeutics such as nutrients and herbal medicines. Commercial brand names are not used in our podcast interviews, the only exception being where research discussed may pertain to a patented ingredient, where there is clinical relevance around us ensuring the audience is aware of this fact, in order to make sound clinical decisions.