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Student naturopaths in volunteering in India

As a final year Naturopathy student, Shannon Chafkin, took up the opportunity for a hands-on experience via a volunteer trip to India to immerse herself in the health care environment there. 

Oct 18, 16
Jumping for joy

Rachel shares her experience of taking a "leap of faith" and applying for an industry internship, and how it's helped shape her ideas about her career. 

Sep 22, 16

Nour Abu-Lughod graduated from Endeavour College as a Naturopath and eventually moved to Dubai where she had to navigate starting her career over there. Her journey of obstacles and hard work will be intriguing for anyone interested in persuing Naturopathy in Dubai. 

Aug 05, 16
Aussie Health Girl Mona Hecke

In 2012, Mona Hecke became a self published author and released her debut book The Lunchbox Revolution, an inspirational guide aimed at creating great eating habits, with naturopathic advice as well as lots of simple, tasty recipes for the whole family.

Jul 22, 16

Pete Evans has become the iconic face of the Australian Paleo movement and has changed countless lives by inspiring people to adopt healthier eating practices. In this podcast we talk to Pete about his passion for cooking and creating healthy food. 

May 20, 16

Founder of Quicksilver Scientific – and former organic farmer! – Dr Shade opened his laboratory in 2005 to provide heavy metal and mercury speciation testing primarily to the environment sector. Ten years on, his team specialises in superior liposomal delivery systems, mercury testing and blood metal testing for human health.

Oct 21, 15

With the meteoric rise in popularity of complementary and integrative medicine we would like to recognise those who have shaped the landscape of our industry.

Sep 17, 15

Andrew Whitfield-Cook had the opportunity to interview Dr Mark Houston. Here he shares his thoughts on cardiovascular disease.

Apr 17, 15