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Hair Mineral Analysis: A Revealing Clinical Tool with Maria Shaflender

Dec 19, 18

Maria Shaflender shares with us the value she finds in using hair mineral analysis as a clinical tool to craft her individualised treatment plans for a range of conditions from thyroid disorders, children's health, mental health and toxicity.

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IV Vitamins and Nutrients with Dr Mark Donohoe

Nov 29, 17

What are the benefits and limitations of IV vitamin and nutrient therapy? Dr Mark Donohoe joined us on the FX Medicine podcast to discuss intravenous vs. oral delivery of nutrients.  

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Aug 29, 16

With a growing body of evidence, krill oil has emerged as an effective therapeutic agent capable of increasing EPA and DHA levels comparable to, or even higher than, fish oil.

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Oct 21, 15

Founder of Quicksilver Scientific – and former organic farmer! – Dr Shade opened his laboratory in 2005 to provide heavy metal and mercury speciation testing primarily to the environment sector. Ten years on, his team specialises in superior liposomal delivery systems, mercury testing and blood metal testing for human health.

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Oct 21, 15

First discovered by British haematologist Alec Bangham in 1965, liposomes are vehicles for transporting substances into the body effectively via absorption in the mouth, bypassing the digestive system. 

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