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Dr Mark Donohoe
Dr Mark Donohoe is one of Australia’s most experienced and best known medical practitioners in the fields of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has a long history working in the emerging field of “integrative medicine”, and continues to bring orthodox and complementary medicine together in his medical practice.

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The Medical Board of Australia Threat to Integrative Medicine
Apr 05, 2019

What is the Medical Board of Australia up to? Dr Mark Donohoe and Prof Stephen Myers critique their recent guidelines proposal affecting integrative medicine

Dec 10, 2015

Adverse reactions are common to many food additives...these are the scourges that cause behavioural changes in children, exacerbating ADHD and triggering asthma.

Oct 08, 2015

Moulds, yeast and fungi. It seems that everywhere moisture, warmth and darkness combine, there they are! Have we underestimated the power of these little fellows to cause harm and chronic illness in our patients? 

Oct 31, 2014

Dr Mark Donohoe discusses the importance of gastrointestinal microbiome biodiversity for optimal health and wellbeing outcomes in our patients.