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Feb 27, 2020

In this episode Dr Carrie Jones provides an in depth look the cortisol awakening response and its relevance to our health.

Sep 23, 2019

The exciting extemporaneous compound palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) provides clinical support for chronic, neuropathic pain and inflammation. ‘PEA is found in severalfood sources, includingsoy bean, soy lecithin,tomato, corn, milk, egg yolks and peanuts.7’

Apr 18, 2019

What are the actual mechanisms of inflammatory damage to the brain, and how does the brain initiate healing and cleansing? Dr Brandon Brock joins us to share his expertise.

FX Medicine Breaking News
Apr 10, 2019

One central location to stay up to date on the Medical Board of Australia Public Consultation Process

7th Annual BioCeuticals Research Symposium
Apr 09, 2019

Acquaint yourself with the speakers at the 7th BioCeuticals' Research Symposium - and check out what to expect from the FX LIVE team.

Study suggests gut healing should precede probiotic therapy
Apr 05, 2019

A recent study has suggested maintaining gut barrier function may be key to efficacy of probiotics on oxidative stress and inflammatory response.

Traditional uses of Saffron
Mar 18, 2019

The use of saffron as a medicinal plant dates back to ancient times, with its reported therapeutic applications ranging from complaints of the eye, skin, respiratory, digestive, and genitourinary tracts, in mood disorders and as a general tonic.

Korean Ginseng
Feb 18, 2019

Healthy hormone balance and general fitness and wellbeing are essential to male health, and underpin a healthy reproductive function as well as fertility, stamina, vitality, optimal libido and a healthy sexual function.