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Australia: Sixteen natural therapies are no longer covered by private health insurance from April 1st 2019

Apr 01, 19

Breaking news: an urgent issue needing the attention of the integrative medicine industry of Australia

Mar 25, 19

Are you using online consultations or electronic record keeping? How confident are you in the security measures you have in place? This podcast opens this can of worms. 

Jan 15, 19

Ahead of the 2nd Australian Naturopathic Summit, Andrew sat down with Rachel Arthur and Nirala Jacobi to talk about starting the ANS movement. 

May 31, 18

When someone in the FX Medicine community reached out and asked us to cover co-regulation on the podcast we enlisted the help of Peter Berryman from ATMS to tackle this area.

May 30, 18

Physical therapies are an integral part of everyday clinical practice for many clinicians, and Nick Barbousas is expert in teaching practitioners about the many benefits of soft tissue therapies such as Rolfing and Myofascial Release.

May 21, 18

Can the same prinicples that govern pharmaceutical trials be applied to nutritional and herbal medicine? Does the scientific method have a place in personalised medicine? Nutritionist and researcher Dr Niikee Schoendorfer shares her perspective. 

Mar 02, 18

If you’re one of the millions of people who thought cannabis was now easily available in Australia for medical purposes, think again – for not everything is as it appears in the evening news...

Nov 23, 17