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Balance Science with Tradition in Herbalism with Justin Sinclair

Apr 02, 20

Is too much science and not enough emphasis on tradition and history risking our idenitfy in herbal medicine, this is the topic Andrew and Justin explore today. 

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The Cost and Science of Disease with Dr Johan Van Den Bogaerde

Feb 09, 20

Dr Johan Van Den Bogaerde, a gastroenterologist and researcher who has a special interest in the microbiome discusses the way we look at ageing and end of life care, the microbiome and blood-brain barrier highway, growing concerns about anti-scientific bias, and what’s wrong with those scientific studies that make us say “wow!”  

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Mar 02, 18

Can the same prinicples that govern pharmaceutical trials be applied to nutritional and herbal medicine? Does the scientific method have a place in personalised medicine? Nutritionist and researcher Dr Niikee Schoendorfer shares her perspective. 

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