All Things Adaptogens: Lessons from Russia with Dr. Adrian Lopresti and Sophia Gerontako

Jan 28, 22

Dr. Adrian Lopresti and Naturopath Sophia Gerontakos discuss all things adaptogens.

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Endometriosis Research: Where Do We Stand? with Dr Mike Armour

Jun 03, 21

Dr Mike Armour returns to FX Medicine to discuss his research into endometriosis pain relief and update us on the various trials he is running, which include herbal medicine, cannabis and acupuncture.

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Clinical Interpretation of Oestrogen Metabolites with Beth Bundy

Mar 18, 21

Beth Bundy takes us through oestrogen metabolism and some of the controversial research surrounding oestrogen metabolites and cancer risk. 

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Sports Nutrition: Male vs. Female Athletes with Kira Sutherland

Sep 28, 20

Naturopath and sports nutritionist Kira Sutherland discusses the lack of research surrounding women in sports, the challenges surrounding completing research in this area, and some of the treatment approaches she uses in her own clinic to differentiate between the needs of male and female athletes.

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Glucosamine: Not helpful, can be harmful with Dr Mark Donohoe and Andrew Whitfield-Cook

Feb 24, 20

Mark and Andrew have an in depth discussion about glucosamine research and clinical trials as it relates to adverse reactions, shellfish allergies, blood sugar control, types and formulations of glucosamine and its efficacy vs. NSAIDs in arthritic conditions.

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Herbal Interventions in Cognitive Decline and Dementia with Dr Genevieve Steiner

Feb 04, 20

Dr Genevieve Steiner and Andrew dive deep into the complexity of dementia, exploring diagnosis, progression, contributing factors in its aetiology, and Genevieve’s exciting research on herbal interventions in the treatment of dementia and cognitive decline. 

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FX PULSE | Is IV Vitamin C the Answer for Sepsis Rescue?

Dec 05, 19

Sepsis kills around five thousand Australians per annum and there's a growing body of evidence suggesting that early intervention with IV Vitamin C could save lives.

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Aug 16, 19

In an era where the majority of adults do not meet their recommended daily intakes for magnesium, a team of researchers tested the hypothesis that magnesium supplementation affects vitamin D metabolism.

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